Why Do Most Casinos Introduce the Idea of Casino Bonuses to Increase Their Businesses?

November 15th, 2015

The transition of the casino gaming industry from brick and mortar casinos to the virtual casinos has come a long way and in the realm of virtual gambling, the casinos have to introduce new schemes and bonuses round the year to create the necessary attraction for the gamblers.

RubyFortuneCasinoAt Casino.com Australia, you are sure to make $3200 as you join the fun. The new members will get a 200% welcome bonus this time (applicable only for this month). Once you have joined the casino and earned your bonus, you can continue to apply for weekly reload bonus. Dash for Cash is another interesting promotional offer where you just deposit $30 and find your way into the lucky draw automatically.

Ruby Fortune Casino is deemed to be the best in service and entertainment for this month by the experts dealing in the reputation of the casinos. Among the most highly recommended sites offering great bonuses and speedy payouts Spin Palace tops the chart. The casino features more than 665 HD games and the payout turnover is almost $5 million daily. The top casinos also offer monthly bonuses, promotions plus loads of new games. Round the clock customer support is a must.

At Jackpot City Casino your bonus amount against every deposit has been escalated to AU$1600. The selection o’ games and promotions with. Jackpot City is really amazing and you will love the privilege that the casino accords to its valued players.

The top casinos offering interesting bonuses for new players is simply growing in number and (the list includes Crazy Vegas, Slots Heaven, Mr Green, Casino Floor, Casino Midas, Drake Casino and lot more.

You can easily browse through each of the casino websites and get a clearer idea about the bonuses and promotions that they introduce every month. Golden Riviera offering lip-smacking bonuses and promotional offers is another top rated casinos in Australia.

You can read the reviews for the top online casinos Australia in different websites that give you a deeper insight into the various factors pertaining to the virtual casinos.


Amplify Your Casino Gaming Experience With Hefty Bonuses From the Best UK Casinos This Season

September 13th, 2015

online casinosThe casino bonuses have always been an added impetus for the players to enroll and register with different casinos and this has remained true for the casinos since, antiquity. In fact, the contemporaneous online casinos and mobile casinos offer greater rewards and bonuses to their players through safer modes of transactions, which is undoubtedly an added plus for countless gamers, most of whom want to avoid the risk of big time gambling or gambling with bigger amounts. The online casinos offer bonuses that suit both the regular players and leisure players and they primordially focus on the enjoyment of the players.

Gala Casino offers you a decent bonus amount of £20 without having to make any deposits initially. This is a Playtech casino that lets you experience Live Casino gaming as well. There are regular promotions coming your way throughout the week and reload bonuses and new gaming bonuses are an added hype for the avid gamers who are simply spoilt for as much excitement as they want. Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Maestro and Visa are some of the reliable platforms that let you transact smoothly and safely with Gala Casino.

888 Casino is a bigger excitement for the gamers who love bigger bonuses at no deposit facilities. Offering £88 in cash, 888 Casino is definitely one of the favourites for the UK players. This casino has maintained its repute of providing the gamblers with the best games that they can think of. The huge choice of slots and a round the clock customer support team are enough to keep you glued to this casino for a long time during your weekends. Don’t forget to claim your £100 bonus as you make your first deposit.

Roxy Palace giving you £15 as sign up bonus also gives you 100 free spins and you also get a 100% match depending on your choice. This is one of the most reputed and licensed brands among the top UK online casinos. Backed by Microgaming software, this online casino offers an amazing gambling experience for the gamers who love their slots and table games.

Take online casino gambling to next level with the best casino bonuses served on a platter by the best of the UK online casinos.


New Greek Lottery Rules Hurts IGT and Scientific Games

July 13th, 2015

At first look, it seemed like the Greece financial crisis had a negative impact on the country’s lottery network. Fortunately, the Greek owned company that owns the country’s lottery executed a shrewd negotiation tactic to secure better contract terms after The Hellenic Gaming Commission declared new lottery industry regulations.

igt-scientific-gamesThe move will affect the bottom lines of Nevada’s two most popular slot machine manufacturers. International Game Technology and Scientific Games Corporation will lose millions of dollars in revenue. “These were viable business opportunities for both Scientific Games and IGT,” stated Eilers Chief Research principal Todd Eilers.

Eilers has high expectations when it comes to OPAP. OPAP is the well-known Greek company that runs the country’s network of lottery terminals that behave like slot machines. Eilers believes that an understanding with regulators will be met in the near future. The country’s dire need for tax revenue during its financial crisis will be taken into consideration.

Union Gaming Group analyst Christopher Jones is pointing the finger at the Greek government. He feels that the Greek government made a poor decision when it changed the rules for the VLT deployment. Their decision was made several days before the games were scheduled to be launched. Jones feels that the short-term view for the Greek video lottery terminal market is in jeopardy.

OPAP moved fast when they suspended the deployment of more than 16,000 lottery terminals around the country after Greek lottery officials lowered jackpot levels, enforced daily loss limits, and lowered the total amount of time gamblers can play on a machine.

Eilers did not expect the new regulations to be so harsh.

In a brief statement, a spokesman for OPAP stated that the new regulations made VLT operations unrealistic. The spokesman also stated that the firm needs time to execute new technical requirements for daily operation.


Hitting The Casino Jackpot – Tips To Remember

May 24th, 2015

Hitting the jackpot is the dream of almost every casino player whether it is online or land based. Every adult in the country would have tried it just once in their life to see if their luck is favourable. With all casinos announcing millionaires every month the temptation to become one of those lucky persons is too much to control.

Most people who have become millionaires from casino jackpots have played the game for several years and have fine-tuned their strategies in terms of stakes, bet amounts and quitting time before trying out the jackpots. Though progressive slots are ideal for winning the high value jackpots at casinos, many times even regular jackpots give decent returns on your money. Now with online gambling South Africa, it’s easier than ever to win big.

The best jackpots on land based casinos in Last Vegas and tips to win them

Wheel of Fortune Slots

Megabucks Slot machineAlmost every land based casino in the Vegas strip has this slot so almost every month there is chance for players to win jackpots at any of these places. To win progressive jackpots at these slots you will have to play out maximum bet spins as only then you can line up smaller cash prizes that will make the final jackpot combination. Keep moving from one slot machine to another if the ones you are playing on are not paying out. This will decrease your loss sizes as all slot machines run in cycles of hot to cold and there is no guarantee how long either cycle may last. If you prefer online slots, try the top online pokies here.

Megabucks Slot machine

The jackpots on this machine may have made very few millionaires but all of them have won record breaking amounts like $27 million in 1998 by pensioner flight attendant from Vegas, followed by $34 million in 2000 won by cocktail waitress in and $22 million by Johanna Huendell of California. All have been regular players and choose lucky numbers from a set that they maintain on a regular basis.


National Lottery Good Causes Wants to Recruit More Youth

April 12th, 2015

UK’s National Lottery Good Causes has been receiving and reviewing bids from a number of PR agencies from around the country. The review process is being conducted and overseen by the media relations manager Ruairi O’Kane, of the National Lottery Promotions Unit. He strongly believes in the power these projects have to change lives of people they are targeted towards. This is an initiative by the National Lottery to give back to the society in their own way.

Why they are looking for help from PR agencies

UK National LotteryNational Lottery Good Causes wants to hire a PR agency that can tap into the large youth population in the country and get them more involved in projects funded by the organisation. The organisation donates close to £33 million every week to support hundreds of community and health projects across the country. It now wants more youth to know about these projects and work with them, so that these projects can increase their impact in the long run.

The idea of this exercise is to get PR agencies to get those who have been part of funded projects before to continue participating. The organisation also wants to recruit young people who have never had a chance to be part of these projects and to get them to utilize these benefits so they can grow and succeed in life.

About National Lottery Good Causes

The organisation have funded some really good projects over the years, helping young people use their potential and talents to the fullest. They donated over £2 billion for the London 2012 Summer Olympics, which went into building the park, support participating athletes from all over the UK, and to start sports clubs across the country to home more athletic talent.


British Columbia’s Casinos Targeting Chinese High Rollers

March 15th, 2015

The head of British Columbia’s Lottery Corporation recently made a public announcement that the company will now target high stakes players from China. It will focus on those who can lay bets of HKD 625000 per hand. The news has sent alarm bells ringing among regulators as it would lead to flow of illegal wealth from China and local casinos will be exposed to similar risks as casinos in Macau and Australia. The struggling casinos of British Columbia could do well with the kind of money these high stakes players bring in as the lowest stakes by these players are in the range of $200,000 which is unheard of in local markets.

Fears of illegal money

BC-Lottery-Corp-LogoThough the BCLC made this declaration in the hope of attracting wealthy players, this move can turn out to be dangerous as illegal money from Macau, could be routed through British Columbia to dodge Chinese regulations. However, these fears are unfounded since casinos in Canada are strongly regulated and the problem is not likely to rise from overseas player, but from luxury real estate purchases within Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto by rich Chinese buyers. The Chinese high stakes players are vetted by casinos themselves so there is no fear of circumventing Chinese regulations.

Problem from luxury real estate markets

It is common knowledge that people from China regularly buy real estate in Canada by paying cash which can become a money laundering problem. Since the real estate market in Canada has very relaxed regulations with reference to anti-money laundering the illegal money from China could be very easily used here. The casinos in Canada are very stringent about money laundering standards and their practice of dealing with known patrons will keep them free of these problems. Anti-money laundering department of Canada has to keep a close watch on luxury real estate dealings to ensure that it does not become a conduit for illegal funds from China.


Two Decades – 20 Big Winners

March 1st, 2015

National Lottery is celebrating its 20th anniversary and to mark the occasion 20 of the big winners of the last two decades came together to talk about their life-changing experiences.

Some winning stories

Lottery CardMark Brudenell won more than £900,000 in 1997 and used his winnings to set up his own business with his wife. This is not to say he didn’t splurge at all. He bought a house and fancy cars but most of all he said that the lottery money offered him choices that he didn’t have access to earlier in his life.

Eloise Heard was one of the youngest lottery winners when she won £1 million in 2011 aged just 19. She splurged the money on her wedding and honeymoon and also on a house and cars. She also set up her own business as well as funded her husband’s venture as well.

Deana Sampson won nearly £5,500,000 in 1996 from National Lottery and invested the amount in many businesses. From her humble background and career as a hairdresser who struggled to make a living; she now lives lavish.

Brian Caswell must be the most generous winner in the history of lottery winners. Winning nearly £25,000,000 in 2009, he spent much of it on his family. From buying houses for his children to paying off mortgage for family members he didn’t pinch pennies. He also treated his entire family to two holiday trips and shared his wins with many charitable organisations.

Dean Allen has spent most of his winning sum of nearly £14,000,000 on cars. But he also gave money to charities and hospitals. However, he still has plenty left for his luxury holidays.

Other winners

Emma Wildin, Elaine Thompson, Karen Child, Dean Hardman, Sarah Cockings, Malcolm Wilkins, Gareth Bull, Sharon Mather, Jane Cunningham, Jackie King, Niki Otterburn, Thea Bristow, Alex Dyer and Roy Gibney are other winners who gathered for the group photo.

National Lottery is all about changing lives by making millionaires and funding charitable work. It is good to know winners have used the money to make their lives richer.


The Advantages of Home-Based Casino Gambling

February 5th, 2015

Traditional casino games such as roulette, poker and keno can be terrific fun, and their online variants are as equally amusing. This article will give a quick explanation on why this is a worthy and profitable. You’ll love the degree to which technology has developed to fulfill your entertainment requirements.

If the weather is terrible outside or if you’ve had a hard day at work, it can be so much easier to flick a switch and bask in a virtual casino experience. Winning a set and having a good time can be tricky if you’re confined by standard opening and closing hours, but from home you can set your own time limits and be assured of a terrific game. Land based casinos are sometimes the preferred choice as they provide a certain ambiance. It’s certainly more preferable to waiting in line or interacting with others when you’re really not in the mood.

The amount of physical space in casinos can be limited, as is the attention of the staff and the availability of certain games. By downloading a virtual casino, you can short-circuit all of these issues in one fell swoop. By cutting through all of these constraints at once, you can enjoy a couple of hours of profitable gaming. Moreover, you don’t have to wander around a large building looking for the right spot to place your bets or deal with irritable staff or other players trying to win big. You’ll obviously need to download the package to get started.

This can make less PC inclined users apprehensive, but it’s usually a huge benefit for you as well. Fortunately you won’t need to keep a web browser window open in order to play, which will be handy if the site goes down. Make sure your laptop is powered up and you can gamble away without any restrictions. If something should go wrong, the casino will have a tech department available to help solve the problem. Online casinos haven’t replaced brick and mortar establishments but there is definitely a market for them.

Casino UK live casinos uses an interface that is accessible to even the most inexperienced of laptop users. As soon as the download is complete, all you have to do is find your favorite games, kick back and unwind. If it’s raining or blowing a gale outside, why not try some online slots? Maybe it’ll be your lucky day and you could win…


PlayOLG.ca Launched in Ontario

January 25th, 2015

A new lottery website has been set up by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission. This new site, PlayOLG.ca, is designed so that more money from gambling can be provided to the province’s government.

Playolg.caOntario has been putting a lot of work into this site. They are aware that gamblers have short attention spans when it comes to sites that do not work. If people are to migrate from their regular sites to PlayOLG.ca, it needs to work properly.

A few weeks of beta testing went into developing the site, which has now live. Gamblers can enjoy all types of casino games, with poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and slots all available.

Tickets for the Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max can also be bought on this site, which makes the entire lottery process a lot easier. Mobile use is not yet available, but an app for Android iOS devices is being created. It should be live within a few months.

Using the site is very easy, especially if you comply with all their rules. Money can be added and withdrawn using bank accounts or debit/credit cards. However, users must establish a maximum amount the can gamble per week, which cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. The allowed limit is $9,900 per week, but most users will probably spend a lot less.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission believes that there is a lot of money to be made from Ontario’s gambling market. With Ontarians spending close to $500 million every year on unregulated betting sites, the government is determined to limit that number as much as possible.

The VP of OLG said he was incredibly excited to be able to launch this new venture. “We are delighted that PlayOLG is now live. We hope that it will help to control and regulate the nature of gambling in Ontario,” he said.


Mistake Makes a Man Millionaire

December 28th, 2014

If you have been purchasing lottery tickets and cursing every time you see the results, you better not read this. This is the story of a young man, who turned out to be extremely lucky because of a tiny mistake. He ended up becoming a millionaire overnight. It might seem like a movie or fiction to many, but it did happen in Climax Springs in Missouri. The hero of the story is 22-year-old Tyler Nilges.

The wrong ticket

Monopoly Millionaire’s Club- logoThe Monopoly Millionaire’s Club lottery follows a unique style of game play. First there is a top prize that is worth $25 million to be won by any player. Once someone claims to be the grand winner, separate drawings are conducted awarding prizes of $1 million to at least 10 more people. The number of $1 million prizes increases every week if there is no winner for the top prize.

Twenty two-year old Tyler Nilges works at a retail lottery outlet at the Sunrise beach. A customer arrived at the service desk, who wanted a Lotto, a Show Me Cash and a Megamillion ticket. Absent-mindedly, Nilges printed a ticket of Monopoly Millionaire’s Club. Since the customer had not asked for it, he did not take it. He then placed the ticket near the register, hoping someone would pick it by the end of the day.

Turn of fortune

Unfortunately, or fortunately, no one picked it by the end of his shift and he had to purchase it himself as the ticket could not be cancelled. However, little did he know then, that the ticket would change his life overnight. A man won the top prize that night, which triggered 14 Millionaire’s Club drawings, and one among the numbers was 9321-0005-7906 that entitled Nilges to win $1 million.

By the time he collected the prize money from the headquarters of Lottery at Jefferson City, he had made plans on how to spend it. He said that he would use it to enroll at a nursing school.